Local Abilene business not satisfied with UPS progress

ABILENE, Texas - It's no secret that this year UPS is running behind on getting packages where they need to be.

The people expecting these packages are definitely affected, but what about local businesses?

Kim Clark, owner of Bra-te-da in Abilene, said she is still waiting for her shipments, but has been getting the run-around for weeks.

"It's caused a lot of frustration for us: one, because we're not getting goods in for us to sell and two, we're telling our customers that they'll be here and they come back and they're not here and three, you know now it's three days before Christmas and I don't have the goods that should have been here a week ago," Clark said.

She said she's exhausted all her options when it comes to getting the information on her missing packages.

"Their website has incorrect information on it, it's not being updated," Clark said. "It'll say 'your goods are out for delivery' when you look at it at 9 a.m. and then you'll pull it up at 10 a.m. and it'll say that they're still in Dallas."

She said she's also tried calling - multiple times - but said she gets the same answer. They tell her to keep checking the website and keep tracking her shipments.

When KTXS called UPS customer service, they told us "We are working really hard to make sure everyone gets their packages...we have over 6,000 employees working on Saturday and Sunday...most, if not all, packages will be delivered this weekend."

For Clark, she said her main concern is her customers. She said she doesn't want to lose profit or credibility.

"They may end up buying something else, but they may end up going somewhere else to get it so that definitely affects my sales right then, but it may affect them from coming back in the future," Clark said.

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