Local Israeli soldier shares fears, patriotism

Israeli military reservist discusses fighting in Middle East

ABILENE, Texas - After the bodies of three teenagers were found in Israel in June, the vicious attacks between Israel and Gaza have yet to cease.

Rami Morrison, an Israeli reservist, has served in Israel's military for years and now lives in Abilene.

Morrison said the chaos his family witnesses on a daily basis shouldn't be happening.

"I have a sister that lives in Tel Aviv and she hears sirens two or three times a day whenever they get fired on, but the Iron Dome defense system does a really incredible job," Morrison said.

Innocent civilians in both Gaza and Israel are dying and Morrison said that's not what anyone wants.

"It's been going on for so long and no one really wants that and it's hard to understand the people that do, like when you've been fighting for so long, all you want is peace and all you want is quiet," Morrison said.

Morrison's unit has not been called back to fight, but he said even if they do, he reluctantly won't be returning.

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