Local political pundits calling Democratic National Convention a success

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina may have helped energize the democratic party.

"I would argue they achieved what they wanted to do they united the democratic party now the democratic party the people in it need to go out and show up and vote," said Paul Fabrizio, a political science professor at McMurry University.

Chair of the Taylor County Democratic party, Ed Conley, said he believes Republicans have unfairly blamed the President for a struggling economy.

"Obama doesn't have a failed presidency. There were lots of things he did not get done, but let's remember where we were in 2008. We were falling off a cliff," said Conley. 

Fabrizio said Bill Clinton's endorsement of President Obama was one of the highlights of the week.

"Four years ago Bill Clinton was here in Abilene helping his wife run against Barack Obama and yet there he was last night telling everyone that Barack Obama is his worthy successor," Fabrizio said.

Election day is Tuesday, November 6 and Conley said he expects the gloves to come off between now and then.

"It's gonna be a slug fest for the next 60 days," said Conley.

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