Local volunteer fire departments need more than just money this wildfire season

ABILENE, Texas - Donations are always appreciated around a volunteer fire department, but what they really need are volunteers.

If fighting fire isn't your thing, there's still a lot you can do.

Departments need help fundraising, data entry, grant writing, and vehicle maintenance, just to name a few things.

You can also help support the firefighters when they're out in the field.

Gary Young, ECCA VFD's fire chief, said volunteers who help make food or bring water out to the firefighters are a big help because the fireman need to refuel too.

"It's just amazing how little someone can contribute that really makes a big difference and everybody has different abilities," Young said. "There's just so many little things that people can do it they just come around. If they just come on board, we'll find a place for them, I promise!"

And if you're worried that it may be too much of a time commitment, remember this, the more volunteers you have, the lighter the load for everyone.

According to Young it's also a great way to get involved with your community and bring people together.

To find out more about helping, contact your local VFD.

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