Looking for a unique way to get this year's Christmas Tree?

Cut your own Christmas tree at Cross Plains farm

CROSS PLAINS, Texas - Millican's Heritage Christmas Tree Farm in Cross Plains provides families with the opportunity to select and cut down their tree.

But how do Christmas trees grow in West Texas?

Some don't. Fraser Firs are shipped in every year from North Carolina.

But the nearly 1,000 Eldarica Pines require a little more help. They receive water every day from the farm's drip irrigation system.

The land has been in Joan Millican's family for decades and was given to her by her mother.

They even have a field in her honor.

"We call this Mary's field because of my mother," Joan says as she motions to a cluster of trees. "She was not well and she would come out and sit in a chair and watch us plant."

The plants go into the ground are planted when they're one foot tall and spend four or five years growing.

So is it hard to watch people come in and chop them down every year?

"It's really fun, the first time, we have a picture of the first family that cut down a tree, it was really special" says Millican. "We enjoy that, to see families come out and have a good time."

The farm is open Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. until dark and Sunday from 1 p.m. until dark.

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