Lower healthcare costs than expected for Taylor County retirees

Taylor County retiree healthcare cast relief

ABILENE, Texas - After Tuesday's meeting of the Taylor County Commissioner's Court, retirees can expect lower costs than announced yesterday.

"Yesterday at court presented really the worst case scenario on what we could charge, so today it's a little bit of a brighter day for retirees," said Kelly Stephens, Taylor County human resources director.

The only cost differences were for retirees and their children along with retirees and their families. These are the costs presented at the Commissioner's Court yesterday:

Retiree and children - $861/month

Retiree and family - $1,090/month

These are the most recent costs after the county received lower rates:

Retiree and children - $656/month

Retiree and family - $916/month

The employee healthcare costs did go up quite a bit from last fiscal year, but individual employee premiums are still 100 percent covered by Taylor County.

Children - $265/month (up from $200/month)

Spouse - $392/month (up from $216/month)

Family - $494/month (up from $406/month)

The county says that even though they still currently cover employee premiums, rising costs might prevent them from doing that in the future.

"We would love to keep our premiums at 100 percent paid, that's our goal," said Stephens. "But, if we can't, we want the employees to have a say in how we're going to make that change."

The 2014 Fiscal year will end in September and the new rates will start on October 1.

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