Lowes Heroes project and United Supermarkets give Safety City a facelift

APD's Safety City make over

ABILENE, Texas - "Safety City" is all about giving back to the community, but on Sunday the community gave back to "Safety City."

The Abilene Police Department founded "Safety City" in the late 1970's and held it's first class in 1981. The "city within a city" serves 22 counties with about 5,000 kids total.

Employees from Lowes and United Supermarkets worked hard in hotter than 90 degree heat to complete a new building that both businesses gifted to the miniature city. Lowes joined as part of their "Hero's Project," which they do once a year. United Supermarkets brought their "U-Crew" out to do the heavy lifting. The goal is to keep the "city within a city" looking good.

"They work that regular job back at Lowes or back at United but out here, its fun time," Department of Public Safety Public Information Officer Sparky Dean said. "These folks are doing a great job...because its giving."

The new building will be a first sight for drivers on S. 7th street and the builders are paying extra special attention to detail. 

"At first it was like we're just going to paint a building and we decided that we're going to do a whole lot more," Lowes Consumer Salesman Ronald Perkins. "We're going to just make it stand out. We're going to try to get the community more involved to where they come update all these other buildings throughout here and make the stand out as much as Lowes and United (Supermarkets) grocery store."

Both sets of employees said giving their time outside of work is just one part of their civic duty.

"It makes you feel amazing," United Supermarkets Regional Administrative Assistant Tracie Roberson said. "I mean it's such a special feeling to know that you're a part of that education they're going to get when they come out here."

The "Lowe's Heroes Project" is competing against other store locations in and out of Abilene. If the Abilene "Safety City" project wins, "Safety City" will receive a $10,000 grant.

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