McMurry University staff members face furloughs this summer

Financial gap forces university to make budget cuts

McMurry University furloughs employees in budget move

Furloughs – or temporary layoffs from work – are being implemented for more than 100 staff members at McMurry University.

The decision comes in the wake of low summer enrollment numbers, which have caused a financial shortfall at the school.

Impacted staff positions include coaches, assistants, front office personnel, recruiters and all administrators, said Paul Fabrizio, vice president for academic affairs. No faculity, however, are being effected, Fabrizio said in an email.

"I do not know how many that would be specifically, but it would be more than 100," Fabrizio said.

Because McMurry is greatly tuition based, it made a great impact.

"I think I would be lying if I said anybody was excited about it because it's not something to look forward to," said Mike Stevens, database manager at McMurry University. "But it is something that's happening. We are all going to be involved with it."

However, the furloughs will only impact staff members and not the faculty of the school.

"The furloughs are going to effect all exempt and non-exempt employees," said Daniel Manson, assistant vice president of marketing for McMurry, "which are basically salary and hourly employees."

Salaried staff members will have the choice to either not work for an entire week or take a pay cut that is equivalent to taking a week off.

Those who work on an hourly basis will need to consult with their supervisor and decide which days will be the best to take off.

Faculty, such as professors, won't be affected by the furloughs.

They teach nine months out of the year and are paid over the 12-month period. Because the regular school year has already ended, labor laws won't allow money to be taken away from work that has already been completed.

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