Meek Blood Center asks community for donations

Meek Blood Center seeking donors

ABILENE, Texas - The need for blood donations is in high demand due to blood drive cancellations last week.

The Meek Blood Center said their blood supply is at 40 percent and ideally they would like to be at 75 percent.

"Our blood supply was drastically affected by the icy weather that we had this past week, we had to cancel two blood drives and of course that cut down on the number of donors to actually just walk into our center and donate," Donor recruiter, Frances Baker said.

This holiday weekend should be filled with fun and family, not stress – and the Meek Blood Center is trying to make sure patients in need aren't feeling that way, but they need your help.

"We have to collect about 60 units a day to supply all of the hospitals that are depending on us and the thing about the blood supply is that the usage doesn't stop, you know, it's going to continue all through the holidays; the blood's gonna be in demand and so we have to make sure that we have enough for each patient's needs," Baker said.

Baker said that she does have hope that the city will be generous, as they usually are.

"We're so fortunate here in Abilene that when we put out a need for blood people really respond, so I'm anticipating that we're gonna be in really good shape tomorrow evening going into the holiday weekend," Baker said.

The cancelled blood drives will be rescheduled, but for now, the more people who come in to help…the better.

The blood center will be open Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and closed on Thursday and Friday. They are located at 1150 N. 18th Street in the Cedar Mall.

Remember, to be eligible to give blood you must be at least 120 pounds and in good health. To contact the center, call 670-2798.

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