Merkel woman mourning loss of dogs after man shoots them, hangs them on fence

Merkel family's dogs shot and hung on fence

ABILENE, Texas - Merkel resident Kelli Davis found her dogs dead and hanging from the fence of her neighbor.

"As I got closer to our neighbor's house, I could start making out something on his fence and then got a little closer where I could see what it was – and I was just in total shock," Davis said, referring to an incident that happened this past Friday.

In a state of shock, she took a picture and sent it to her husband, who contacted David Andrews, the neighbor who killed the pets, to find out what happened.

In an interview with KTXS, Andrews said the dogs posed a threat to his wife and livestock, so he shot them.

"She came in screaming and yelling 'they're killing the goat' and I had no idea what she was saying so I got my shotgun out and a pit bull had chased my wife inside the house, so I went out with my shotgun and the pit bull came after me and I shot it dead," Andrews said.

Andrews said he watched the other dog attack his daughter's goat, so he shot him as well.

Was Andrews within his rights? Texas law states it is legal to shoot a dog if they are on your property in a threatening manner.

Davis said she understood the law, but she didn't understand why the man decided to put the dogs on display.

"I can forgive him shooting them because they shouldn't have been there, they should have been home, but what he did after he shot them was disgusting," Davis said.

Although Andrews admits he could have been more sensitive, he said he doesn't regret what he did.

"I had no idea whose dogs they were so what I should've done is just throw them out in the pasture and disposed them," Andrews said.    

No criminal charges have been brought against Andrews, but Davis said she just wants some sort of consequence.


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