Military kids garner win at the Abilene school board meeting

AISD school board meeting

ABILENE, Texas - The Abilene ISD school board made major strides in their code of conduct for military kids.

Board trustees unanimously agreed to some new standards, including one that will help kids with military parents spend more time together.

"A student may be excused for up to five days absence without penalty and will be allowed reasonable time to make up missed school work in order to visit with a parent, step patent of legal guardian who us an active duty member of the uniform services," said Kari Leong, the district's director of student services .

The change will allow kids of military family to spend time away from school with family members without the student or the district being penalized in attendance.

The board also heard from their Master Facilities Plan Committee. A citizen committee advises the board on the greatest needs of the facilities in the district.

"The school district has a large backlog of deferred maintenance, things like air conditioning systems, roofs those sorts if things and internal systems," Master Facilities Plan Committee Chair Dr. Jeff Arrington said.

Trustees also passed a resolution making the land swap between the district and the city official. The district will now  assume ownership of 4.5 acres of park space close by at Bowie Elementary. This will allow the district to own the entire lot. In exchange, the city of Abilene will get almost six acres of land nearby the former Fannin Elementary.

The board heard and update report on the 2013-2014 budget. Trustees expect to adopt the final budget by August 26th.

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