Mission Thanksgiving volunteers brave the cold to unload donations

Mission Thanksgiving volunteers brave the cold to unload donations

ABILENE, Texas - Mission Thanksgiving wrapped up Friday night and volunteers braved the cold Saturday morning to unload all the donations that came in.

The mission benefits the homeless and working poor in an effort to make sure they have food and clothing for the holidays. 

Mark Hewitt, the founder of Love and Care Ministries, said he's grateful for the outcome this year.

"We did well, considering the weather," Hewitt said. "You know as bad as it was all day, and especially early morning. Normally we get about 13 the last couple years we got 13 trailers, but you know what we got is what we got and we're grateful."

But Hewitt said food is something they can never have enough of.

"Food is something that is just a need," Hewitt said. "That takes us normally through four or five months, the food we have now will probably take us through about two. We did get a lot of meat and so I was really happy about that, that was one thing we did new and um got a lot of great frozen meat and that was good."

And looking ahead to next year, Hewitt said he's trusting God to take care of their needs and the needs of the community.

"I don't have a goal," Hewitt said. "I just believe that God knows what we're supposed to have and He's been gracious to give it to us every single year, we just happen to hit a year where it's freezing rain so it's gonna be alright."

If you missed donating on Friday, there is still time. Starting Monday, Love and Care Ministries will be collecting food, water, clothes, sleeping bags and coats at their location at 233 Fannin St.

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