Mom and daughter want to change AISD, one door at a time

Disabled Abilene High student working for automatic doors at AHS

An Abilene mom and teenage daughter with mild cerebral palsy are on a mission. They want to bring change to Abilene schools - with a door.

Emily Ramirez is about to be a junior at Abilene High School; a campus without any automatic handicap accessible doors. And it turns out, no Abilene ISD school has automatic handicap doors.

Emily and her mom, Kimberly, want to change that. After years of asking campus administrators for an automatic door and getting nothing, they're hoping to raise enough money to put in at least one automatic door at AHS. "My main concern is just after I leave so people like me with walkers and wheelchairs, they'll be able to use the handicap doors...I just, I'll feel good because I did something to help that," said Emily.

Quotes Kimberly has received show retro-fitting one door to be automatically accessible costs between $3500 and $5000. To help raise money for the doors, she and Emily have opened a bank account at First Financial bank at Judge Ely. Any questions or donations can be directed to Debbie Sherman at 325.627.7728.

They're also selling t-shirts with the saying "keep calm and install handicap doors" for $15 dollars. They're available in bright pink and electric blue. To place an order, email Kimberly at keepcalminstallhandicappdoors@yahoo.com. (handicap is written with two p's).

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