More options coming to Abilene for coffee drinkers

Coffee drinkers: more options coming to Abilene

ABILENE, Texas - You're going to have more options when it comes to drive-thru coffee shops. 

Have you ever tried to buy a coffee in Abilene without waiting in a long line? It all depends on where you go, but if it's Starbucks on Buffalo Gap-chances are you probably had to wait it out. 

Some coffee customers don't mind driving through a long line to get their cup of Joe- others like to sit down and take their time. If you are tired of waiting, you'll soon have more choices. 

Christine Beach, Laura Parker and Kym Martin have been friends for more than a decade. They're taking on a new challenge and opening up Mad House Coffee and More off Beltway South and HWY 83/84. 

"We're working with a couple of Texas roasters so the beans that we get will be roasted here in Texas," Owner Christine Beach said.     

The three Mad House Coffee owners said they plan on having a drive-thru and a place where you can sit down. They want customers to have more alternatives.

Another coffee shop will soon be open on Buffalo Gap. In July, the Abilene City Council approved a rezoning request to turn the old Baack's Florist Shop into a drive-thru coffee shop.

Mad House Coffee plans on opening their doors in May or June of 2013.

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