More park improvements possibly on way for Abilene

ABILENE, Texas - More park improvements could possibly be on the way for Abilene that could benefit the entire family.

The discussion is coming on the heels of the city's budget meeting Tuesday.

"Things are going great," said James Childers, Abilene's director of community services. "One of the areas we want to make an improvement on is offering more robust recreational opportunities for adults."

This includes possible plans to cater to teenage park goers as well.

Abilene parks and recreational centers already feature events such as fitness classes, sports leagues, and dog obedience classes.

However, Childers would like to continue to expand.

"We want people to take advantage of what we currently have to offer," said Childers, "but we want to look to provide a wide array of things and reaching out not only to people looking for things to do but also folks that are instructors, trainers, things of that nature."

One idea presented by Childers is the addition of outdoor, hydraulic workout equipment outside of Sears and Red Bud parks.

Any possible plans will have to be approved by an upcoming bond meeting.

For more information on scheduled city meetings, how to submit an idea, or an activity guide on what is offered at Abilene Parks, you can visit the city of Abilene's website here.

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