More treatments now available for medical condition of excessive sweating

New medical solutions for excessing sweating

ABILENE, Texas - The Texas heat can really make you sweat, but for some the sweat doesn't go away when the sun goes down. It's a major problem they struggle with year round, no matter the temperature. It's actually a medical condition called Hyperhidrosis. We talked to some medical experts to find out more about what it is and how to combat it.

"No matter how hot it is, if they're anxious or performing physical activity, if they're just at rest, they'll be sweating and saturating through their clothes," said Dr. Paras Ramolia of Abilene Dermatology.

So what can be done? There are actually multiple treatment options starting with deodorant and anti-persperants. But those usually don't cut it for Hyperhidrosis patients. There are other options, like Botox. 

"Basically what Botox does is prevent the neuro-chemical signal pathway from stimulating sweating response," said Dr. Ramolia .

Botox will keep the sweat away for about six months, but if you're looking for a longer lasting solution there's something new called miraDry. 

"It uses microwave technology that the machine produces, that gets absorbed at the level where the sweat ducts are and effectively destroys them," said Dr. Ramolia.

Cost is a big factor in these treatments. Depending on where you go, one Botox treatment can be $750 to $1000 dollars. The miraDry procedure costs around $3,000 but so far it's shown to last at least two years in some cases longer. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't usually cover either one. 

For more information on miraDry click here. For information from Abilene Dermatology and Skin Center call 325-672-5603.

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