Mosquito population in Abilene up dramatically compared to last year

Mosquitoes booming in Abilene

ABILENE, Texas - Since June first there has been six more inches of rain than there were last year.The mosquito population is up this year because of that rain. Those insects aren't just pesky, they can also be dangerous.

The City of Abilene keeps tabs on the number of mosquitoes in their traps each week.

 "Our traps have been showing for about oh I'd say four weeks now an up tick in the number of mosquitoes. I've seen up to probably 100 in one of the traps, where perhaps last year if we got anything at all it might be up to 15," said Abilene Environmental Health Manager Glen Bailey. 

The numbers have left many people in Abilene a little bit irritated.

"We can't even go outside. My grandkids are always inside and I just have to buy the repellant for us because there's a lot of mosquitoes," said Bertha Olibas who lives in Abilene.  

"You can't even go outside without them attacking you," said Holly Parker of Clyde.

It's not just in Abilene. All over the state they are noticing an up tick in the mosquito population since last year, but they aren't seeing the same thing when it comes to West Nile infected insects.

Last year in Texas 1,400 mosquitoes tested positive for West Nile. So far this year there have only been 155. 

In Abilene last year there was only one mosquito that tested positive and this year there have already been three.

"I just want to tell everybody to protect themselves from mosquitoes. We know the West Nile virus is in Abilene and therefore they need to drain any standing water that's left and they also need to avoid exposure," said Bailey. 

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