Move Over/Slow Down law aims to protect Texas road workers, drivers

Changes coming in September to the Move Over - Slow Down Law

ABILENE, Texas - There's a new law in the books for Texas drivers and it starts in just a few weeks.

The newest addition to the Move Over/Slow Down law goes into effect Sept. 1.

The Texas Department of Transportation says it's all about keeping those road workers safe.

The law has been around since 2003 and applies to troopers, police, emergency vehicles and tow trucks. Now, the law has been expanded to protect road maintenance workers.

"Our workers are out there every day," said Darah Waldrip with the Texas Department of Transportation. "Their office is right by the roadside with people zipping by at 70 miles per hour or faster and so they really are vulnerable out there."

How do you follow the law?

Whenever you see flashing blue or yellow lights on a road maintenance vehicle, you are to either move over into another lane or decrease your speed by 20 miles per hour under the posted speed limit.

The consequences of not moving over or slowing down when you see the flashing lights comes with a big price tag.

"If a law enforcement officer does find you in violation, they can write you a ticket for $500," Waldrip said. "If there's a crash resulting in an injury to a worker, that's $2,000."

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 103 workers have been killed on the job since 1938.

For more information on the Move Over/Slow Down law, click here.

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