Nearly three years have passed since damaging Abilene hail storm

Are you prepared insurance-wise for another such storm?

Is your property properly insured for hail damage?

ABILENE, Texas - It's been almost three years since the 2011 Easter hail storm left Abilene with damaged roofs and shattered windshields.

Would you be ready for another one?

With many hail storms, including the Easter 2011 storm, shattered windows and damaged roofs aren't uncommon.

But that's not the time to wonder if your car and home are covered.

According to Ricky Martin with Texas Farm Bureau Insurance in Abilene, you should use the quiet weather periods to talk to your insurance agent.

"The main thing you can do right now is to get with your insurance company and your agent and make sure you know your policy inside and out," Martin said.

Use that opportunity to discuss your policies, learn about deductibles, and get information on how your property is covered.

"Whether you have a (roof) replacement policy or a cash value policy, there's a lot of things you can get with your insurance agent and find out before the storm comes," Martin said.

When it comes to your automobile policy, carrying liability coverage alone may force you to pay the entire hail damage bill on your own.

Instead, you may want to look into a Comprehensive Coverage policy. It may be a bit more pricy, but damage from hail will likely be covered.

All insurance policies are different, so the main thing is to check with your agent and see where you stand.

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