Need help with high electricity bills?

Need help with high electricity bills?

ABILENE, Texas - There's help for TXU Energy customers at risk of having their electricity shut off.

For the next six weeks, 2-1-1 Texas A Call For Help will increase the number of appointments they hold in order to help customers in need of bill payment assistance. 

"We're trying to keep people in their homes, we're trying to keep them warm when it gets cold and we're trying to make sure the electricity stays on," said Mary Cooksey, 2-1-1 program director at 2-1-1 Texas A Call For Help Community Resource Center.

Our colder than normal winter has people turning up the heat.

"This is Texas we don't expect to have those kind of long periods of cold," said Cooksey.  

This year it's been cold since November.

"Houses aren't warming up during the day when the sun is out, so they're staying cold and it's costing lots of money," said Cooksey.  

How can people keep the power on?

"We at 2-1-1 A Call For Help in Abilene of West Central Texas can help you," said Cooksey.

Appointment calls can be made between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Just dial 2-1-1 pick a language and press 1.

When you visit 2-1-1 A Call For Help for your appointment they will place a pledge on your electricity account. That way your electricity will not be shut off.

Cooksey said they usually have ten appointments a month, but in January they helped about 30 people.

"I think especially families with young children it's got to be a stressor at the highest level," said Cooksey.

There are no federal poverty guidelines.

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