New 'road grooves' in Abilene actually dried salt to fight ice buildup

ABILENE, Texas - Have you noticed what appears to be new grooves in the road along the Winters Freeway and Loop 322?

They're not grooves, or scratches. The lines are actually from brine water that TxDOT uses to pre-treat major roadways when an ice storm is forecast.

They did that last week in anticipation of a storm that ended up by-passing the Abilene area.  

What you're seeing are dried salt lines sprayed from a truck. They won't completely prevent ice from sticking, but it can make it less severe and can also make ice easier to remove.

Darah Waldrip with the Texas Department of Transportation said crews will pre-treat the driving lane of the local freeways -- I-20, Winters Freeway and Loop 322.

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