New Taylor County sheriff involved in flurry of personnel moves

ABILENE, Texas - Day 1 of new Taylor County Sheriff Ricky Bishop's first term in office resulted in a flurry of personnel announcements.

According to a sheriff's office release, Bishop made the following changes:

*- Lt. David Doherty was promoted to the position of Chief Deputy.  He had been the lieutenant over the Patrol Division, prior to the new appointment.

*- Lt. David Atkins was moved to Patrol Division lieutenant. He will continue to serve as the lieutenant over training. Atkins had been the lieutenant over the divisions of Civil, Courthouse Security, Extraditions, Training, Transportation & Warrants.

*- Sgt. John Cummins was promoted to lieutenant over the Civil, Courthouse Security, Extraditions and Transportation Divisions.  He previously served as sergeant over Civil, Extraditions and Transportation.

*- CID Investigator Angel Gonzalez was promoted to lieutenant, and will serve as one of two lieutenants at the Detention Center.

*- Sgt. Tommy Stoneham will serve as sergeant over Civil, Extraditions and Transportation.  He was previously assigned as a sergeant on the Patrol Division's day shift.  A successor has not yet been named to fill Stoneham's prior position.

In addition, Bishop announced Lt. Brad Birchum will continue to be over the Criminal Investigations Division and Narcotics Division.

Sergeants Bailey, Castillo, Griffis, Guerra, Henderson, Levario, McLain, and Wuorinen will retain the same positions within their respective divisions.

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