New Year's resolutions lead to spike in gym memberships

Gym memberships climb this time of year

ABILENE, Texas - Now that the holidays are over, many are regretting those extra indulgences. That's because the average person gains about five to ten pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Even though it's only the second day of 2014, gym-goers are already packing Hendrick Health Club in the hopes of taking the weight off as part of a New Year's resolution.

"It starts to get a little busier this week and then the next two to three weeks each class gets busier," said Ron Richert, Director of the Hendrick Health Club.

New gym memberships skyrocket in January. Some gyms say they see a 30 to 40 percent increase in new member traffic.

"A lot of people end up eating too much at Christmas, too much at Thanksgiving," said Richert. "You start to feel a little sluggish, start to feel not too good about yourself."

Richert said that just because you shell out the money for a gym membership, though, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll use it enough for long-lasting results.

"What I recommend is trying to find somebody else to exercise with you, trying to find a partner," he said.

Richert said it's all about accountability and picking what works for you. That could mean signing up for a trainer, taking classes, or meeting a friend to help you stick with your goals. He said those who try to go it alone typically drop off by March; but if you can stick with it you might have one less New Year's resolution for 2015.

"It is great to set a resolution and make lifestyle changes," said Richert. "But if you can make smaller choices throughout the year and continue to make those choices you're gonna be a lot better off."

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