New York's Rescue Truck 4 visiting Abilene to help educate children about 9/11

NYFD 9/11 rescue truck in Abilene this month

ABILENE, Texas - For those who have never been to Ground Zero, Rescue Truck 4, a mobile memorial to firefighters who responded to the terrorist attacks, is visiting Abilene.

Rescue 4 is one of the rescue trucks that responded on Sept. 11. All of the crew members were in the south tower when the building collapsed, none of them made it out.

Now the truck is touring the western side of the country as part of the Remembrance Rescue Project to help educate children who weren't around the day of the terrorist attacks.

"A lot of these kids, especially in Abilene, it's a military town, they know that their parents have deployed and stuff like this and they don't know what started that war," said Kara Hunter with the Abilene Fire Department.

The truck travels around the country to help educate kids too young to understand what happened that day.

"To show them that this was a significant part of our history and that our world did change after 9/11," said Hunter. 

And remind the rest of us of the first responders that gave their lives to help save others.

"You think about where are those families 11 years later? It makes you pause and your heart kind of skip a beat and say thank you for the sacrifices they made," said Hunter.

The Remembrance Rescue Project is held by volunteers with the assistance of host fire departments throughout the country. Besides volunteers, no one is allowed inside the truck out of respect to the families of those fallen firefighters.

Rescue 4 will be at the Abilene Art Walk on May 9, Western Heritage May 10 and 11 and the Abilene Bombers Football game May 27. It will also be out back of Abilene Fire Station One every Thursday the rest of this month at 3 p.m.

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