Novice school board votes to approve petition to annex land to Jim Ned CISD

Novice School Board votes on detachment petition

NOVICE, Texas - The Novice ISD board voted unanimously Thursday to approve a petition to detach more than 50 percent of its land for annexation to the Jim Ned CISD in Taylor County.

And most of the people who attended the school board meeting Thursday weren't happy about it.

"If the detachment is accepted, then without any of my vote, we will pay taxes to Taylor County," said Joan Ethridge, who lives in a part of Coleman County that could be annexed to Jim Ned CISD.

For months there has been much controversy and argument about where the land that was in the Novice district will end up. Originally, Novice chose to consolidate with Coleman ISD and set a public vote on the matter for Nov. 6, but because of a detachment petition Novice school trustees reconsidered.

On Thursday, Novice ISD board members said they went with Jim Ned, despite opposition from some landowners, for education purposes.

"I did not hear one flipping thing about the students. It was all about the money," said one member of the Novice School Board.

Former Novice students are attending several nearby schools, but parents said that's never been the issue – and that it's about something else.

"I want my tax dollars to stay in Coleman County. My children go to school in Coleman, we support Coleman and Coleman has supported the Novice District for years," Ethridge said. 

The next step will be a vote by the Jim Ned CISD board on the annexation, but first there will be a required public hearing about it Nov. 12.

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