Official: Taylor County Coliseum getting makeover, renovation 'worth' revenue loss

ABILENE, Texas - New seats are currently being installed in the Taylor County Expo Center Coliseum.

Two companies are working inside the coliseum. One is cleaning and sealing the concrete to prevent future leaks and the other is going behind the cleaning and installing the new seats.

Cost of the project is $500,000, and it should be completed by mid-December.

As a result of the renovation, Monday night's circus event has held outdoors. General Manager of the Taylor County Expo Center said she's unsure of the exact number in attendance.

"You know, I really don't know because the circus themselves sell the tickets, so it's hard for us to have an exact number, but what I do know is that both of the performances were packed at the outdoor covered arena," Johnson said.

Johnson said the coliseum is losing a bit of money during the renovation due to utilities cost, but most of the missing revenue is only from events that "could have been."

"Well, in terms of utilities and the lights that are on, yes, I'm going to be losing some money in that regard," Johnson said. "You know, there's some opportunities to get concerts and so forth and there have been some events that have called and I've had to say no...so a potential event, but nothing we had booked or were solid on."

Despite the revenue loss, Johnson said the renovation is worth it.

"Oh, most definitely," she said. "If the revenue loss, regardless of what it was, we do definitely know or what it might have been, we needed new seats in the coliseum."

Johnson said the next big event will be the Monster Truck show at the end of January and that everyone will have a chance to try out the new seats then.


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