Officials try to calm nerves after second measles case confirmed in Abilene

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ABILENE, Texas - Officials are trying to calm the nerves of many Abilene residents after a second measles case was confirmed Wednesday.

Abilene health officials have determined that those who ate at Bonzai restaurant between June 23 and 28 might have been exposed to the measles. But, they said that the measles cannot be spread by food ingestion and if you were not eating at the restaurant during those dates, you probably won't get sick.

The only reason to be concerned about getting the measles is if you haven't been vaccinated.

"I've  heard about them [the reported measles cases], but I have no idea where they transpired and my children and I are immunized," said Joni McKinnon.

Health officials say if you graduated high school, you were probably vaccinated.

"If you've been to school, and you've gone through grade school and middle school and high school and you've graduated [you have the vaccine], you can't graduate school without the vaccines because they're state required," said Kay Durilla of the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District.

But, for those who opted out of getting a vaccine, whether for religious or conscientious reasons, public health officials are asking you to be extremely cautious. The risk is far greater for those who have not been vaccinated. But, Durilla is not concerned about a big outbreak in Abilene.

If concerned about symptoms, contact your healthcare provider. It is required by state law to report all cases.

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