One Abilene business not in favor of national trend in drastic wage increase proposals

ABILENE, Texas - The nation had its first fast food strike to raise wages in November 2012, and since then, workers have continued to organize walk-outs and protests to get up to $15 an hour.

But at Rick & Carolyn's Burgers and Fries, employees aren't making $15 an hour and they say they don't want to.

"I think 15 dollars an hour is just really outrageous because if minimum wage goes to 15 dollars an hour, it's gonna effect the whole economy for everybody," General manager Bob Gann said.

One of the employees fears that an increase in her wages would lead to a higher cost of living, something Abilene isn't known for.

In larger cities, $15 an hour in the fast food industry is worth protesting over, but in smaller towns like Abilene employees at Burgers and Fries said they're happy with the way things are.

"It would be like a big backlash and that before long, I'll probably be worse off than I am now making way less money," Burgers and Fries Employee Quana Coombs said.

The owner isn't against raising wages a little bit, but he said raising them too high could backfire for both his employees and customers.

"If it were to go to like 12 or 15, then the impact would be fairly great because it would have to do price changes and you know you would have price increases, and that would affect the business greatly as far as what the customers would have to pay for the products," Owner Rick Daffron said.

Both the owner and general manager agree that paying people more money won't necessarily impact their work ethic, they'd just be paying people more money to do the same job.

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