Organ transplant recipients say 'thank you' to Hendrick Medical staff

ABILENE, Texas - Hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. are currently waiting for an organ transplant, but only about 79 organs are transplanted each day.

Two people from Abilene who were lucky enough to get a donor organ stopped by Hendrick Medical Center to thank doctors and nurses for their support.

One of them, Stephanie Lopez, was just 23 years old when she found out her kidneys were failing.

"They both failed from one day to the next and I was on dialysis for four years, I was on the waiting list for four years, I was told that I would get a transplant in seven," Lopez said. 

"It's very hard. You have good days and you have bad days, but all you can do is just pray," she added.

Lopez said it was the nurses and doctors at Hendrick Medical Center that helped her stay strong while she waited for a donor kidney to become available.

"They did a lot for me here. They gave me advice, not only that, but they kept me on my toes and gave me hope," said Lopez.

Two years ago she got the call that a kidney was available and she had transplant surgery the next morning at Scott and White in Temple.

Although Hendrick doesn't do transplants themselves, they helped her with every part of the process.

That's why Lopez wanted to say thank you to Hendrick staff today.

"Know that it saved our lives," Lopez said.

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