Panda Express, Papa Murphy's under construction in Abilene

A national Asian cuisine fast food restaurant is on its way to Abilene. And a new pizza place is set to open, but there's a twist.

City permits show part of the Papa Murphy's pizza chain will be opening up at 1441 Barrow, that's just south of the Walgreens at the South 14th intersection.

Papa Murphy's website shows they specialize in 'take and bake' pizza. You tell them exactly what you want on the pizza, they'll prepare it, and you take it home to cook it when you're ready to eat.

And another new place to eat: Panda Express.

City permits show Panda Express is building a restaurant at 1749 Highway 351. That's across from the new Chick-fil-A.

Panda Express serves Mandarin and Szechuan fast food.

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