Parents and kids gain helpful tips during Kmart "Safety Weekend"

ABILENE, Texas - Both Taylor County Sheriff's Department and MetroCare EMS were on hand at the store to teach kids and parents the importance of practicing safety.

Kids learned two important lessons during the "Safety Weekend" Sunday: how to recognize trouble and what to do in the event that trouble arises.

Taylor County Lieutenant John Cummins had a hand in showing youngsters and parents how to be proactive.

"You think of law enforcement generally as being reactive if someone calls for assistance than you respond, but things like this are a proactive approach to try to remind people about being safe, hopefully keep something bad from happening in the future," Lt. Cummins said.

Parents and children got some in-depth information on safety and preventative tips in case of danger. To make the experience more life-like, kids hopped into the MetroCare ambulance to see what goes behind the scenes.

"A lot of kids whenever they see an ambulance they really don't know what to think.," Metro Care Basic EMT Derrick Boysey said. "All they see is us going down the road, but we want to teach them that we're here to help. We don't want them to be afraid to call 911 or be afraid to be in the ambulance if they need one."

One parent said she was happy to train young kids about the need for safety early on.

"My daughter already asks when she sees the ambulance go by, what is that and I try and tell her if you're hurt they're going to come help you," Veronica Lopez said.

Kids had some fun while learning safety tips. The Sheriff's Office gave parents child I.D. kits so they can keep a record of their fingerprints at home.

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