Parents at STAAR test meeting said tests are hurting students' education

ABILENE, Texas - Parents and teachers gathered Tuesday night to discuss testing in Texas public schools.

Speakers at the meetings encouraged those who attended to adopt a resolution stating that public school students are suffering because of too much standardized testing.

So far, more than 88 percent of school districts in Texas have adopted the resolution.  In Texas, students must pass 15 end-of-course tests in order to graduate, more than any other state.

Tuesday, parents said the tests are having a negative effect on their children.

Shannel Anderson is the parent of a high school senior in the Abilene ISD.

She said she feels, "we are supposed to lift kids up and this does nothing but put them down, make them worry, make them not like school, make them not be involved in their electives. This is just going to be a real tragic scene."

Friday, Texas Commissioner of Education Michael Williams agreed with Governor Rick Perry's statement requesting deferment of the 15 percent rule for another year. The rule would have meant the STAAR test counted as 15 percent of a student's final grade.

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