Patrol dogs put to the test during Region 25 canine certification competition

Region 25 canine certification competition

ABILENE, Texas - This week patrol dogs from 16 different agencies will compete in the Region 25 U.S. Police Canine Association certification. That includes dogs from the Abilene Police Department and the Taylor County Sheriff Office. 

"We train for the United States Police Canine Association basically it goes to show the reliability of the dog in patrol work and narcotics," said K9 officer Josh New.

Dogs will compete in categories ranging from agility to bite work. Officers said training is crucial in the field.

"On any given night we could be called to come and track a criminal who's fled a traffic stop. Most commonly we're called to traffic stops to search for narcotics," said Josh. 

For two canine handlers this year's event isn't just about winning.

"Number one I want to certify, number two I want to compete with my brother," said Aaron New.

"I'll be competing against 25 other dogs, but I'm really competing against one other dog," Josh said.

The certification competition ends Friday. The Abilene Police Department has five police dogs total. Four of them are patrol dogs and one is a narcotics dog.

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