Pediatric Dentist Dr. Seth Ardoin shares teeth tips for kids

Dr. Seth Ardoin's teeth tips

ABILENE, Texas - Dr. Seth Ardoin from Abilene Pediatric Dental visited KTXS This Morning on Friday and shared some dental health tips for kids.

Ardoin said it's important to start taking your child to the dentist at the age of one, or when they have about eight teeth.

"It's important to establish a dental home," Ardoin said. "We want to learn medical history, social history, family history, and then follow the children till they're 18. We want to establish a good, positive rapport."

He also stresses the importance of taking your child to a dentist office that specializes in pediatric dentistry.

Pediatric dentists spend "two years to learn child psychology, child development," Ardoin said. "We specialize on just kids only."

If there's one piece of advice for parents, Ardoin said it's to make sure children know the importance of keeping your teeth clean.

"Stress the importance of oral hygiene, because the habits they form at a young age will carry on throughout their life," Ardoin said.

Ardoin works for Abilene Pediatric Dental, which recently underwent some major construction to make it more kid friendly.

"There's a rocket on the building, 700 gallon fish tank, movie theater, arcade, and then they get their teeth cleaned too," Ardoin said.

For more information on Abilene Pediatric Dental and Dr. Ardoin, visit their website here.

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