People celebrate Christmas in the Big Country

ABILENE, TX - It's the most wonderful time of the year for some, Christmas. The music, shopping, food and of course the gifts make it a memorable time.

Some families in the big country and other parts of Texas enjoyed a Merry Christmas on Tuesday, while weathering frigid cold temperatures.

What's better than kids waking up to gifts that Santa left them under the tree? The anticipation to rip open those boxes and uncover that favorite toy on the wish list all year, made it down the chimney.

However, Santa's job wasn't easy this year. Winter weather came to the Big Country and other parts of Texas. Freezing temperatures, icy conditions, rain and snow flurries made it a white Christmas.

People sent us pictures from their view outdoors. Most of them were taken inside to shield from the cold.

The roads in Abilene were mostly clear of cars as people enjoyed the holiday with loved ones.

The weather is expected to remain cold overnight.

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