Petition seeks help with traffic congestion on Abilene street

Frenchman's Creek businesses complain about S. 14 traffic issues

ABILENE, Texas - A petition with more than 200 signatures seeking help with traffic congestion on an Abilene street was brought to City Hall on Thursday morning.

People throughout the community want the city to fix traffic congestion near the Frenchman's Creek Shopping Center off South 14th Street. Business owners said it's causing many headaches.

They also said if your making that left hand turn into the Frenchman's Shopping Center when you drive west on South 14th -- it's not the easiest or safest task.

Paul Nelson who owns the shopping center is frustrated with the traffic flow near Hastings and the 7-Eleven off South 14th.

"It's become a real problem," Nelson said.

And it's certainly costing business owners a pretty penny, especially Little Italy restaurant.

"And for us that caused us a lot of lost income," Little Italy General Manager Darlene Ortiz said.

"I feel sorry for 7-Eleven because they can't keep their parking lot taken care of from all the cars that have to come in and cut around," said Anna Humprey's, property manager of the Frenchman's Shopping Center.

Councilman Robert Briley is a former business owner in that location. He said before the city made road changes it was an accident prone area.

"Back in the day that area was very, very dangerous," Briley said. "The city's decision to address that and make changes was correct. There were accidents non-stop."

Many agree a solution needs to be made.

"It is a problem from somebody else other than the landlord in getting into that property," Briley said. "It's a major problem."

The city engineer is looking into how much the project costs. It could possibly be part of the Capital Improvements Program.

Each year, the City adopts a new five-year Capital Improvements Program plan to identify major construction projects or improvements needed in Abilene.

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