Pilot, 75, survives plane crash near Abilene

Aircraft sustains heavy damage

ABILENE, Texas - A plane sustained heavy damage when it went down Thursday morning near Elmdale Airpark in Callahan County.

The airport reported an inflight emergency from the 1970 A60 Beech two-engine airplane when the call came in around 10:30 a.m. The accident happened almost eight miles northeast of Abilene.

Pilot Frank Leroy Bell, 75, is OK, but the aircraft sustained extensive damage. There were no reports of flames or smoke. 

Abilene Fire Department spokesman Greg Goettsch said Bell knew he was low on fuel and had intended on landing at Elmdale Airpark.

Bell said he was traveling from Fort Smith, Ark., and was attempting to make it to Abilene Regional Airport. He attempted to land in a field but ended up putting the plane down in mesquite trees.

The plan went down one half of a mile east of Highway 351 near the Hamby Volunteer Fire Department. 

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