Police encourage safety on the streets after second pedestrian death of 2013

ABILENE, Texas -  Thursday's pedestrian death is the second in the past month and the third pedestrian involved accident this year.

In 2012 only one person was killed in a pedestrian accident. Many people have opinions about how safe it is to walk around Abilene.

Dorothy Renfro said many drivers are not paying attention on the road.

"I told my kids please be careful. There's people that do distracted driving," she said

Darrel Cayenne lives on Sayles, right where the most recent crash happened.

"Everyone drives too fast. They don't adhere to this light," said Cayenne.

"I was almost hit by two cars today. One was going about 30 in a parking lot, the other backed out and just wasn't looking," said pedestrian Barbara Manly.

Police said both drivers and pedestrians need to be aware.

"Safety is everyone's responsibility," said Abilene Police Officer George Spindler.

Spindler said in the  two recent collisions, drivers didn't see a person walking in the road.

"The key is to be visible at nighttime and if you know you're going to be running, jogging, walking, walking your dog, you need to think ahead of time. Let's be safe," said Spindler. He recommends wearing light colored clothing while walking around after dark.

Abilene police say using crosswalks and obeying traffic signals is one of the best ways to stay safe.

"It starts with looking both ways before we cross a roadway," said Spindler.

He said drivers need to pay attention too. "If you see a pedestrian crossing a walkway, you have a responsibility to slow down and yield to the pedestrian."

Both of the recent pedestrian fatalities are still under investigation.

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