Potty-dumping a money-making machine for Eula seniors' Project Graduation

Potty-dumping a money-making machine for Eula seniors' Project Graduation

EULA, Texas - The potty. The loo. The John. No matter what you call it, seniors in Eula call it a money-making machine.

The senior class at Eula High School is raising money for Project Graduation, a drug and alcohol-free party held at the end of the year before the students go off to college.

They're dumping toilets in people's yard to get the job done.

Residents of Eual who get "potty dumped" can pay to have the toilet removed from their yard, pay to have it removed and placed into someone else's yard or they can pay to place it in another yard and then buy "insurance" so that it doesn't ever come back.

In only two weeks, they've managed to "flush out" almost $800.

It's all in an effort to keep the kids safe on graduation day.

"To make sure they're off the streets with everybody else that's graduating that doesn't so stuff like this," said Traci Rock, mom of a senior girl and treasurer of Project Graduation.

Eddie Riley got a toilet dumped in his yard, but he doesn't mind.

"I knew it was there so it didn't bother me a whole lot," Riley said. "I knew what was going on. It's for a good cause."

The community has come out in full support of the school's potty business.

"Right now, we're staying pretty busy," said Eula High School Principal Candilyn Smith. "We're moving toilets, so we'll just see how long it lasts."

"They support anything that the kids need and do," Rock said. "They're right behind them. Even if that means having a toilet in their yard."

Smith said there's five toilets circulating around town and they were all donated by people in the community.

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