Program provides job training opportunities for seniors

Helps seniors and veterans who are unemployed or need help financially

Local agency helping seniors find jobs

ABILENE, Texas - The government funded program called 'The Senior Community Service Employment Program' began enrollment this week.

The program provides job training opportunities for seniors and veterans.

This may include those that are unemployed or just need help to get by each month. Including seniors that just need a little extra money to compliment their social security.

Dorothy Clay, assistant manager director of MET Incorporated says, "we want to enhance their quality of life, we also want to help them economically and financially. Because we realize a lot of senior citizens are struggling financially. They're just living on social security, and some may not even be eligible to get that as of yet."

Participants will have the opportunity to work 20 hours a week at different facilities around Abilene including day cares, schools, libraries, and even hospitals.

Some part time placings can even turn into full-time employment positions.

The MET Incorporated office can be reached at:

-402 Cypress Street, Suite 603

- (Inside of Prosperity Bank)

- (325)-701-9881

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