Protect your spring blooms from freezing weather

Protect plants from a possible freeze Tuesday morning

ABILENE, Texas - Spring plants can be a big investment. Here are some tips to save them from freezing temperatures.

Of course if you have plants in pots or containers, just bring them inside.

If your flowers or vegetables are already in the ground, though, you'll need to cover them.

"You want to cover the plants, you don't want to use plastic, you want to use some kind of cloth" says Adam Andrews, Co-owner of Willow Creek Gardens in Abilene.

If you don't have an actual freeze cloth like one you would purchase at a nursery or home improvement store, you can simply use a cotton sheet or a light blanket.

Cloth sheets can actually keep your plants up to eight degrees warmer than the actual air temperature, which could mean the difference between a live plant and a lost plant.

If winds threaten to take your sheet away, anchor it down with bricks.

Trees and shrubs will actually be alright without protection during a light freeze or frost.

Sensitive annuals and vegetables, though, especially need extra care.

Regardless of the plant type, Andrews says keeping the plants watered and mulched will add further insulation.

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