Psychotherapist shares tips for parents sending kids to school

Family Therapist Marc Orner shares tips on how to get your children ready for school

ABILENE, Texas - If you have school-aged kids, they will be starting up school again soon.

Psychotherapist Dr. Marc Orner said it's important to start children off on a school-like schedule before classes start to get them mentally prepared.

For example, waking your children up early and making sure they go to sleep early can help them get in practice of a real school schedule.

Dr. Orner also recommends to not give your children sugary breakfasts in the morning to prevent the "crash" they might experience later in the day.

"Start now in going to sleep earlier and getting them up earlier and planning the day as if they were going to school," Dr. Orner said. "In other words, with breakfast and setting out their clothes to get dressed, you start now and let the kids get ready for it and practice."

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