Recent Abilene retiree urges people to save for the future, and start early

Fewer people saving enough for retirement

ABILENE, Texas - Saving for retirement might not be something you think about everyday, but sooner or later, it catches up with everyone.

The United States barely makes the top 20 list in the amount of money people are saving for retirement.

Also, fewer companies are offering pension plans and the responsibility for saving for the future is falling more heavily on individuals.

Jo Rake retired a month ago, and she had been planning for it for years.

"I've been saving since the first time I got a job," Rake said. "I was in high school."

Rake also said staying ahead has made retirement more enjoyable, and anyone can do it.

"People say, well I can't put back enough," Rake said. "Well you'd be surprised what $5, $10, $15 a week can do. It'll add up."

Matt Preston has been Rake's financial advisor for years and he said she saved the right way.

"She started early in her working career," Preston said.

He said whether you're a lawyer or a construction worker, there is no excuse to not save.

"If you'll save 10 percent of your income no matter what that number is you'll have more than enough money to retire on someday," Preston said.

In fact, if you're 30-years-old and start putting away just $100 a month, at 10 percent interest compounded annually by age 65 you'll have more than over $300,000.

Many people could commit to even more.

"Even though it may seem totally impossible, it isn't and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you do that," Preston said.

Jo Rake had an employer that matched her 401K savings, but she said starting early is the key, no matter what your situation.

And here are some other tips to get ahead on saving for retirement:

1) Check into your company's retirement policy.

2) Money placed into a 401k is not taxed and can add up quickly, especially if the company you work for matches the funds.

3) A trustworthy financial advisor can help with investments and a plan based on what's most important to you once you retire.

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