Regional energy conference talks growth in Abilene

West Texas Energy Consortium winds up Abilene meeting

ABILENE, Texas - The West Texas Energy Consortium just finished up a two-day conference at the Abilene Civic Center.

More than 200 area leaders attended from all kinds of fields. Education, law enforcement, medical and other sectors were in Abilene to learn how to interact with the energy industry.

"Everything has an effect on everything else" said Taylor County Judge Downing Bolls. "This is an opportunity to say here we have the energy sector and it's a major sector of our economy here in Texas and this coming together allows these different players who have a part of this overall picture to come together and ideas and thoughts."

49 West Texas counties are part of the consortium. The area covers the Big Country, Concho Valley, Panhandle and Pecos area.

Here in our area the energy business is booming. Texas is the top producer of wind energy and Sweetwater is the self-proclaimed capital of wind energy in the state.

We all have heard how the oil boom has affected the western part of the Big Country. Even natural gas is playing a big role now with two power plants about to be in construction, one in Mitchell the other in Nolan County.

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