Relatively mild summer has effects on plants and gardens

Tips to save your plants during hot summer

ABILENE, Texas - It has been anything but normal when you talk about the weather for the past couple months in West Texas.

June and July have been slightly above normal temperature wise, yet compared to the summers of 2011, 2012 and 2013, it feels milder, which is putting smiles on people's faces.

The milder temperatures have been beneficial to Willow Creek Gardens, an Abilene garden store.

"With milder temperatures, people tend to work and do more outside in the yard when it's not 105 degrees," says Willow Creek Garden's owner, Adam Andrews. "With people working in their yard, they need nursery products and they come see us."

Although this milder weather might be nice for some, plants and gardens can suffer from the changing temperatures.

"You want to make sure your plants are getting well watered," said Andrews. "If you have got some potted plants at home, you are probably going to have to water it on a more regular basis and keep a closer watch on your plants."

These milder temperatures make Andrews a happy garden store owner.

"It has been very nice you know, 90 and 95 degrees, it's a lot different than a 100 and 105 degrees. People's attitudes have just been happier, people are in better moods which are really good for us," said Andrews.

Andrews has some tips for keeping your plants, gardens and lawns looking green in this heat:

-Water plants early in the morning and deep soak it so the plant stays hydrated.

-Put out mulch that will help conserve water in your landscape.

-Set your lawnmower at the highest setting; this will help retain water throughout your yard.

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