Rematch on the horizon for Taylor County Commissioner, Precinct 2

Rematch on the horizon for Taylor County Commissioner, Precinct 2

ABILENE, Texas - There's a rematch for Taylor County Commissioner, Precinct 2 seat looming.

Commissioner Kyle Kendrick is facing a challenge from the man he unseated four years ago, Dwayne Tucker.

Tucker was the last elected Democrat in Taylor County when he served as county commissioner, but now he has filed to run as a Republican.

"I'm putting the ball in the same court. I want to go back to work for the citizens of Taylor County," said Tucker.

It's been a rocky road between Taylor County Commissioner, Precinct 2 Kyle Kendrick and his predecessor Dwayne Tucker.

"He was really disappointed the day after the election he really didn't want to have a whole lot to say to me. He didn't even contact me for a couple of days," Kendrick said.

Both of them said they have no hard feelings for the other candidate, but they disagree on why Kendrick won the seat four years ago.

"People were going and voting straight Republican ticket because they're not happy with the Democratic leadership," said Tucker.

"I really think that people just wanted somebody who is a plain-Jane, average person, you know, that was willing to get out there and was not afraid to get their hands dirty and work, you know, and that's the type of person that I am," Kendrick said.

Is that why Tucker is running as a Republican this go-around? He said there's more to it than that.

"Why was I a Democrat last time? Because I felt like to win The Taylor County Precinct 2 commissioner seat you had to run as a Democrat because it had never been held by a Republican before," said Tucker.

"Right now, at this point in time in all of our lives the majority of the voters are very displeased, or seem to be very displeased, with our current Democratic leadership," he added.

Why do the candidates think they should win precinct 2 this election?

"For the four years that I did hold office the tax rate went down every single year and since I've been gone it has went up every single year," Tucker said.

"I feel that I'm a very conservative person as far as spending tax dollars. I've been working on quite a few things, we finished salaries which is a big, big issue," Kendrick said.

Precinct 2 includes parts of North Abilene, Merkel and Trent.

There is no democrat running for Taylor County Commissioner Precinct 2 this election.

The Republican primary is March 4.

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