Retailers share information to protect your valuables against the cold

Retailers share information to protect your valuables against the cold

Retailers share information to protect your valuables against the cold

ABILENE, Texas - With all this winter weather talk, you may be wondering what you can do to protect your home and car. 

Retailers told KTXS about some cost effective ways to protect yourself in this cold weather. There's a lot of simple things you can do, starting with your house.

"The faucet covers will be good to go around the outside of the faucets outside the house," Jeremy Hickman, Lowe's manager, said. "Pipe insulation for any pipes that are exposed outside and then weather strippers can go around the windows, doors and we even have one for the outlet covers if you feel cold air coming in through there."

If you aren't able to get to the store, Hickman said you can use some household products to lessen energy costs.

"You can do like a rolled up towel in front of the door or part of the windows," Hickman said. "Or roll a towel around the outside faucet or put a bucket, say you have one sticking up out of the ground just to kind of create an air pocket that can make that air feel warmer."

One danger you might not realize could be your space heater, if it's not used properly.

"Space heaters take up a lot of energy, a lot of electricity and the extension cord simply can't carry it," Lt. Greg Goettsch said. "They'll also do things like running the extension cord under the rug or something that further holds the heat in and causes the extension cord to fail."

A lot of folks are already cleaning out local stores for car accessories, but Christopher Garcia from AutoZone said that there's one thing you can do that will save time in the long run.

"Easiest way to protect your car is to make sure you have antifreeze, it's one of the biggest things you can use to protect your car with," Garcia said. "If you can find an ice scraper, it'd be great. If you can't, you know, maybe if you're at the house, warm water on the glass, not hot but warm will melt the ice pretty quick."

Here are a few other tips that might help relieve some frustrations during the winter time: use rubbing alcohol in window washer fluid to keep the liquid from freezing, put an old towel over your windshield to prevent icing overnight and making sure you take care of your car during the summer months to avoid troubles during the winter months.

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