Revolution Strings returns from performing in China!

Revolution recounts fabulous China trip

ABILENE, Texas - The talented fiddlers from Abilene High and Cooper performed six shows over two weeks in China.

Fresh off their flight home on Sunday night, these musicians are still taking in their exciting experience. 

"It was a lot like we were the equivalent of Tom Cruise going over there," Former Revolution player Candi Davidson said. "It was so cool. Everyone, even if they didn't know that we were musicians or know what we were doing over there. They wanted pictures with us and they wanted to say hi to us and they wanted to talk with us."

"Every performer hopes to perform all the time wherever it takes them but I guess I hadn't imagined that big," Former Revolution player Alex Martinez said.

Revolution performed in venues with thousands of people. Incoming Hardin-Simmons freshman Keila Salinas said she can see herself performing as a full-time career.

"...just getting a taste of the touring, and living in different places," Salinas said. "It's like your in one city and then the next day you're in a completely different city."

However, no matter where they went, music was the universal language.

"They didn't understand us and we couldn't understand them, but then when we played it was like this is our conversation and if totally made sense, Davidson said. Everyone loved it. We loved getting to play for them.  I mean it was awesome."

"They're taught to be very in line and kind of reserved clapping," Martinez said. "We were expecting kind of a mild audience, but that's not what we got at all."

"...just ending with a big bang," Salinas said. "I can proudly say that I ended my four years if revolution in China."

This trip was Revolution's first international invitation to perform. They were invited to play by the Chinese government.

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