Rising gas prices force some businesses and customers to plan ahead

Higher gas prices hurting delivery businesses

ABILENE, TX - Are rising gas prices hurting your pocketbook?

Businesses who deliver goods are feeling the pinch, but some have come up with ways to get through the tight squeeze. Planning seems to be the way some are averting deep financial impact.

Gas prices have jumped to as high as $3.69 a gallon in most places in Abilene. That's up more than 50 cents in just a little less than a month. Local delivery companies while the strain are thinking ahead.

Bitsy Gregory has been in the floral business for 40 years and said has a proactive approach to making deliveries.

"We'll go in a circle and we call everybody before we go and make sure somebody's going to be home," said Bitsy's Flowers owner Bitsy Gregory.

Although this won't lower gas prices it's an efficient way to use resources. Some other ways Gregory monitors cost is through employee schedules. "The girls all work part time," said Gregory. "Sometimes they take off a little early or something and I don't get a salary."

Others are finding creative ways to save at the pump. Jared Logg rented a U Haul truck to move his home.

"It's 20 bucks to fill a U Haul tank," said Logg. "I'm only moving from across the parking lot basically. I'm not going have to worry about starting up my car, parking it, turning it back off and starting it back up."

Logg is also a pizza delivery man which means he's getting hit with the increase twice.

"I make 50 to 60 dollars a night in tips," said Logg. "Two thirds of that is gone with gas. Since my car has been getting really old and the engines kind of wearing out, I've have to fill up twice a week."

He said his overall solution is to, "Just bear with it."

The gas price trend in Texas is expected to rise. AAA is predicting a steady rise at the pump through April and May. They report the highest gas prices are in Hawaii at $4.28 a gallon and Wyoming is paying $3.19 a gallon.

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