Roofing nails causing many flat tires in Abilene

Local tire business sees spike in repairs

Roofing jobs causing many flat tires

ABILENE, Texas - The recent hailstorm has caused an increase in flat tires due to nails and other debris from roofing jobs.

"Whenever it rains like that, it washes all the debris to the middle of the road," said Tom Ceniglis, owner of Tom's Tire Pro.

That, in turn, has caused a 30 percent increase in tire repairs this month, according to Ceniglis.

Even though your tire may not be flat, having a nail in it is dangerous as well.

"If a nail gets stuck in your tire it's steel and there's steel belts in that tire," Ceniglis said. "Eventually that steel will rust and it's gonna get into that belt package if you don't address it at some point in time."

In addition, driving with a low tire is dangerous as well. It causes friction and heat which could lead to a blowout.

Ceniglis said drivers should have their tires checked for punctures regularly, get their tires balanced, check tire pressure, and avoid driving near the sides of the roads.

Roofers can also prevent the problem by cleaning up nails during and after jobs, by not filling trailers to overflowing, and using magnets to pick up loose nails.

"Roll the driveway and out into the street to make sure that there are no nails left over on the street," said Bill Casher, sales manager at All-American Roofing.

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